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Nissan has released the first promotional video for the mildly face lifted Patrol, following several spy photos we published at the beginning of the month.

 2014 Nissan Patrol facelift spied undisguised

Now in its sixth generation, the current Patrol was launched in 2010 so Nissan has prepared a mid-cycle update for its popular SUV. Don’t expect a lot of changes as we only notice subtle modifications to the front fascia and the taillight graphics. There also seem to be a fresh new design for the alloys and tan leather upholstery inside the cabin which also gets a wood-trimmed steering wheel.

Nissan has also introduced a limited-run Patrol Black Special Edition which will be offered in 200 units. These cars will come several enhancements such as red seats, chrome detailing and a black matte exterior paint scheme.

Source : Al Ain Japan 

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Nowadays with the booming internet and vast marketing strategies selling and buying things online or through third party dealers became a simple thing. But are we getting the worth we are really expecting will be a big question mark. Because each and everything we buy online will be differing from products. Used auto products or used cars buying will be different you need to verify a lot of things before selection.

Make a Clear Mindset:

Thousand of dealersacross the world are selling their products on cars or used automobiles through magazines, business journals and television adds etc. you have to analyze the best trader of them. Compare the reviews ratings of the particular dealer and make dealership options with them. Additionally, you must find the wealth of used car inventory by visiting dealerships in person. Most new car retailers across the world sell new cars too and there are a variety of independent used car lots that offer a broad range of good-quality, pre-owned cars. With the technologies everyone having nowadays smart phones and digital Medias are part of people. Downloading or purchasing the worthier application will help you own the Diamond out of pebbles.
Fix the Price of Affordability:
                        Once you are finalized with the used car dealer it’s time to choose your ceiling price with the car you are planning to buy. To start with, you need to research the cars retail value by inputting the make, model, year, options and mileage information at Used Car Information Center. This information is the fundamental foundation for the car selection. Once you are clear with the make, model, year, options and mileage data, you’ll be provided with a value report that includes all the necessary details of the cars mileage, Condition , Owners details etc. Older used cars are provided with three values low, average and high retail.

Damaged vehicle:
A low retail vehicle may be in the worst condition where you likely to see all the damages, the vehicle should be able to pass local inspection standards and be in safe running condition. Price will be a dead meat and worthless.
Good vehicle:         
 An Average Retail vehicle should be clean and without glaring defects. Tires and glass should be in good condition. You can get a decent mileage and a good usage. Price will be a like ham. No loss no profit on repairing the cars.
Pretty vehicles
A high retail vehicle should be in a good condition and run smoothly. Mostly good analysis and research will get you this kind of cars. Price will be a Delicious meal and Profitable without any additional car services.

Thought of Reselling value of the cars bought:
               Mindset should also focus on the resale values. Because keeping the vehicle for decades will not be a good option. In order to determine the marketability of the car you want to buy, you need to do a little homework. A great place to start is with resources like Cartradesoft Software. With this software you can easily research the profits and pitfalls of the car you planned to buy. End result you are finally getting closer to a realistic market value for your own used car. Remember that while certain aftermarket accessories and vehicle customization can certainly increase a cars value, they might also deter certain prospective buyers, ultimately decreasing its value in the process.
Negotiable Deal with the dealers:
            Always start with the price you have in your mind. Never even allow the dealer to make the price decisions. Whatever your reason for bargaining, this section is designed to provide you with important information about when and how to use the art of negotiation to your advantage.Once you’ve examined the marketplace to determine what similar vehicles with similar features are selling for in that marketplace, you should have a clear understanding about the vehicles current value based on its year, make, model, trim level, condition, and mileage and market desirability. Remember to keep in mind your budget and your price limitations when you enter into the negotiation process and be firm about those limitations. Most dealers understand that negotiation is a large part of the automotive purchasing process and expect the buyer to adopt some type of bargaining tactics before signing on the dotted line. Start by making a low offer. Most of the car dealers will start with the high bidding price never allow that start your price bidding before they start. Fix the price that is more or less adoptable to your ceiling price.
That “Happy moment”:

            After the whole process goes well be patient check the vehicle with professional help. Remember, be firm about your price limitations and don’t forget to be realistic about your budget. Only you know how much you can afford to spend. You can surely get the Gold out of a scrap and the Dream vehicle you always thought.